Simplify Sanitary Sewer Flow Compliance

Save time, avoid errors, and eliminate paper- and spreadsheet-based flow tracking with LiftCommand

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Your System Data at Your Fingertips

LiftCommand by WithersRavenel is a web-based tool that simplifies sanitary sewer system management. Specifically designed for lift station managers, sewer system operators, and utilities directors, LiftCommand gives you next-level insight into your sanitary sewer system’s design capacity versus actual flows, verifies permit compliance, and allows you to plan for sustainable growth.

Plan Ahead

With new developments and projects taking shape in your community, sewer systems will be strained—and so will you if you’re not ready. LiftCommand’s user-friendly interface provides you with the ability to view the impacts of proposed development on your sewer systems prior to any issues occurring.

A gauge with the needle pointed toward the right extreme and a warning indicator
A flow diagram with facilities, flow changes, and station capacity going into a computer and FTSE form coming out

Analyze Data across Multiple Locations

LiftCommand makes it easy to track multiple treatment plants and lift stations. Through the tool, you can tailor which treatment plants and lift stations need to be prioritized for data analysis, and just like that, your information is readily accessible to your teams.

Stop Capacity Issues in Their Tracks

LiftCommand notifies users of any sewer system capacity issues before they become a problem. When you’re ready to make a change to the system, you can generate up-to-date state compliance forms in minutes.

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